We value our clients' experience at The Welcome Waggin' Mobile Veterinary Service. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Lisa Mcintyre

It has been a bit over 5 years since I had to let go of my dear cocker spaniel, Checkers. He was my companion and "soul mate" if such a bond can exist. His 17-year-old body was failing him, but his deep commitment to life inspired me. I was fighting for my own life: late stage cancer treatment had me weak. But Checkers, who had been at my side every day, clearly needed to go 'home'. I had to let go of him during my darkest hour. But Welcome Waggin made this necessary, final goodbye bearable. She was so kind, warm, and empathetic. Her gentle words as I held him in those final minutes, feeling his warmth slip, were reassuring and tender. I miss my dear Checkers to this day. I survived the cancer, mourning losing him. But her gentle care made this seemingly impossible--but humane--choice doable. I can not express my gratitude enough. Kathy Burdick September 2018

Dr McIntyre, Dr. Leach, Sarah, & Christy, We just wanted to thank you all for your help with Catrick the past few years,(has it been longer?, time flies!!). Anyway, we want to wish all of you a very Happy, healthy New Year!! You provide a great service to those of us that are not able to take our pet to the clinic ourselves. Wonderful skills and techniques!! Also, very warm and caring. Listening goes such a long way when you are having a problem with your pet and are a "nervous wreck".Take care, and thanks again for everything!!! Jeff & Cindy, & Catrick😻😽😸😸😸
January 2020

Today has been a tough day as we had to say goodbye to our sweet dog Bear. However, I couldn't let the day end without thanking Dr. Lauri and Sarah for helping us through such a sad and difficult day. You ladies are truly amazing, and Paul and I can't thank you enough for the love and compassion you shared with us and Bear today. For anyone reading this testimonial, Lauri and Sarah have taken care of Bear for immunizations and general care, and I can't say enough great things about them! They are so very compassionate, and certainly love what they do. Love these ladies and The Welcome Waggin!  
Christine Straughn November 2017
We would like to thank Sarah and Dr. Murnighan for being very professional and compassionate. It was such a heartbreaking day, to help our Titan pass before he started gasping for air, with his lungs filling up with blood. You and Sarah were such kind and loving support, while our Titan fell forever a sleep, laying on his favorite sofa in our family room. He looked so peaceful and relaxed, while our hearts were breaking. Thank you
Adora and Charley Bicek September 2017
For over 15 years we have trusted Dr. Lisa and her staff at The Welcome Waggin' with the care of our dogs. Dr. Lisa, Dr. Laurie and Sarah are such a pleasure to deal with. What's not to love about a Doctor who makes house calls?! When my daughter was very young it was so nice not having to pack her AND the dogs up and cart everyone to the vet's office. Now it's just plain convenient and the dogs certainly prefer being home over being in a vet office. Furthermore, Dr. Lisa & staff are always accommodating and friendly and, most importantly, so good with our dogs. They are gentle and calm and my dogs are always at ease with them - this is saying a lot because we rescue dogs and our last two were very nervous when meeting new people. They are so knowledgeable and always have helpful suggestions for any issues I call them about, big or small. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a vet.

Hello! I wanted to write a feedback recommendation on your website to THANK YOU for a wonderful visit and treating our Golden Retriever-HarleeBlu. Your team is so caring, warm and knowledgeable , we are very grateful our Groomer Kelly, had recommended you! So happy to have you all caring for our furball. Harlee is looking forward to your next visit ! Mary Miller- March 2017

I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. McIntyre and Dr. Safford after having made the decision to put my beloved dog Casey down. I knew I wanted Casey to be surrounded by the people who loved him and the litter mates he grew up with. The vet's office was not an option. Dr. McIntyre and Dr. Safford were like two angels entering our home. Most vets are knowledge and professional but not always compassionate, loving and understanding as I found Lisa and Lauri to be. They assessed Casey's health and spent time talking about how the procedure would take place. Casey had a meal and was surrounded by the people that loved him. He was truly comfortable and happy. This was one of the most difficult decisions of my life but Lisa and Lauri made it a very positive one for Case and our family. Our other two dogs got the closure I felt they never would have gotten at a vets office and Casey moved on in a very gentle and loving way. I was so impressed with Lisa and Laura, they are now treating my other dog. I can't say enough about how wonderful and knowledge these consummate professionals are. I feel my pets are safe and loved when Dr. Lisa and Dr. Lauri come to see them. I can't thank you enough.
The Bates Family- February 2017
Thank you so much for your visit to Clover today. I feel so much better about the situation after your visit. Thank you for taking the time to walk through what was happening, what to expect, and what to watch for and do when the time is appropriate. I was very anxious about these things before talking with you. Thank you most of all for meeting Clover on her terms, even sitting on the floor so she could stay in her safe place in the bathroom. Clover did eat today...yeah! And came into the living room and sat on my lap this evening. I am sad she is sick,  but I will cherish the remaining time we do have together. Knowing you are there to support us really helps.  I love the business you have created...it is so real, honest, and loving. Thank you, Sandy & Dave

Dr McIntyre came to us at the very end of our dear pups life...with as horrible as a situation as it was, Dr McIntyre talked us through all we would be seeing and what would be happening.
She made an unbearable situation bearable.
Thank you Dr McIntyre for your gentle, caring manner!
I wish I had found you sooner.

The Borowiak's

Thank you Welcome Waggin for coming in my time of need and taking care of my fur babies. I will be using your services again, and have already given your number to another to give you a call

-Christine T.

I have known Dr. Lisa McIntyre for over 16 years. She started taking care of my dog when she worked in a veterinary clinic and continued caring for him and the five cats I adopted once she began The Welcome Waggin' Mobile Veterinary Service. Her diagnostic skills are great and served to save my dog's life when he became very ill at age 12. He lived to be 17 years old. She and Sarah, her assistant, are excellent with my cats who are now senior citizens. She is able to give them thorough exams and to to get blood samples from their aging veins. She and Sarah are wonderful with the senior Chihuahua I adopted. He has some behavioral issues and they are loving and patient. I appreciate that Dr. Lisa gives alternatives for treatment and respects my wishes. The Welcome Waggin' also handles in-home euthanasia with skill and compassion when that difficult time arises.

-Marsha Kozak


We just wanted to thank Dr. McIntyre and Sarah for their services this past Saturday morning.  They took away all of the pain that the cancer forced upon our Valentino.  They were both very comforting and understanding of what we were going through and the process was very painless for him.  While we are still going through the grieving process and will be for some time, the information they left at the house helped us understand how we are feeling and why we are feeling that way.  Thank you again and we will be sure to refer to you anyone who would need similar services. 

Dave Ogurek (on behalf of Bridgette Ogurek as well), proud parents of Valentino Ogurek

Dr. McIntyre, Dr. Safford, and Sarah,

I want to thank you for the sensitive and loving care you all provided for Tanner during these past few years.  Thanks to you, he was able to get the care he needed in an environment that was comfortable for him.

I especially want to thank you for his end of life care.  It was such a difficult time and you helped me get through it.  Tanner was a good and loving dog; I'm so happy he had a loving end to his life.  

Thank you again for everything.

Susan Palmer

Dr. Lisa and her team are great! We had an ancient cat, Buddy, who was lovingly cared for by Dr. Lisa for several years in our home. She has also cared for our dog, Frannie, and perhaps one day she will see our shy cat, Cleo, too. You will not go wrong choosing Dr. Lisa!

Lynda Jeppesen, Frannie & Cleo (& Buddy, RIP)

Lisa and Sarah are always there for me when I have a question or concern. I am one of those people that asks 101 questions and researches everything. They are kind and patient with me. I am learning more about herbs and how to safely use them with both of my pets. I could not ask for a better pair of care givers to support me in raising my pets in a holistic way.
Lori Ashbaugh (& Millie & Jordan)

Dr.Lisa is the best vet we have taken my pets to. Not only because she is a great doctor that knows her stuff and is great with animals, but because she comes to the pets home where they are comfortable. 

We have three cats and it is extremely stressful to get one, let alone three, in cages to travel in the car and then into the vet's office where the cat smells all the other animals that cause them stress. This doesn't happen with The Welcome Waggin' Mobile Veterinary Service P.C.! The three cats don't even know she is a doctor! She's just another cat lover coming to visit!

She also has a great bedside manner. The first time we met her was to put out 11 year old cat to sleep, it was not a good time for us but she and her assistant were wonderful. 

I can't say enough good things about Lisa and her team. If you haven't tried them, you should.
Annie Moore

They know your pets are family and are given the best treatment! Thank you Dr. McIntyre and Sarah...for all the years you have helped Bogey and Princess. Miss you
Janice Westrom

You were there when I needed you and I will be eternally grateful! Nice to see you on FB.
Connie Knysz

 love these ladies! Dr. Lisa and Sarah are the sweetest and most caring people I have met.  They truly care for my pets and I can "bother" them day or night with a question or concern and they are always quick to reply.   I am learning about herbs and how to safely use them with my pets.  I raise my fur kids in a holistic way and the Welcome Waggin is supportive of my process but doesn't hesitate to call me out on something I may be doing wrong.  I look forward to their visits and so do my pets :)

I highly recommend Dr. Lisa McIntyre.  She and Sarah are WONDERFUL, super helpful and understanding.  We first started seeing them 5 years ago when I had an asthmatic cat who got so stressed traveling in the car for exams that he would end up spending the night in ICU! Having a vet come to your house when you have a high-anxiety pet is such a blessing. I cannot recommend them enough!

Jenna S.

The best...the absolute best. Our dog had anxiety attacks every time we took him to the vet which evolved into seizures. We switched vets 5 times before finding Dr. McIntyre and Sarah. Our dogs problem was diagnosed and treated and we are seizure free! Good response times, good people and good veterinary practices.

Mike B.

I could not have been more satisfied, it was time to face the inevitable. An out of town family member recommended in home euthanasia. I did a quick search and found very favorable reviews on Yelp. Two articles, one from the Sun Times and the other from the Tribune convinced me I was making the right choice. I was on the phone with Sarah within minutes of finding out about this wonderful service and later that same day, Dr. Lauri arrived on our doorstep and helped us through our heartbreaking situation.  Dr. Lauri kindly and compassionately advised us of the process and procedure and gave us all the time we needed to say good bye. Our beloved dog, who hated the car and going to the vet was spared the high anxiety of that situation and instead went peacefully to sleep on her favorite couch in the only home she had ever known. I will recommend The Welcome Waggin to anyone I know facing this dreaded event.  I felt the price was very reasonable, and after life services for burial or cremation are coordinated with the Hinsdale Pet Cemetery. A week later we had her ashes, and it felt like she was home again. Furthermore, if and when I get another dog, The Welcome Waggin will be my vet. Thank you Dr. Lisa, Dr. Lauri, and Sarah for understanding and offering this compassionate in home service.


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