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Remember those that have crossed the rainbow bridge.


On behalf of the staff at The Welcome Waggin’ Mobile Veterinary Service, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed. We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website’s Pet Memorial page. Please feel free to complete the Pet Memorial Form below.



Oh friends how I struggled with the decision to put our AMAZING dog Stacks to rest tonight. I feared that if I let it go he would get so bad I would regret not sparing him additional suffering. He wasn’t going to get better. He was struggling, panting and maxed out on pain medicine yet he still pushed to greet everyone who would visit, struggle with the stairs etc to please his family. He was the BEST German Shepherd EVER! He had a perfect day with Easter ham for breakfast, 2 full Rib eye steaks for dinner. My dear friend/vet Lisa Wolff McIntyre came to our home, the angel she is! He was comfortable and passed in his favorite place outside in his yard. He never wanted to be inside! I’m still numb and it’s surreal. The silence tonight will be deafening. I trust that all dogs go to heaven and I pray he knows I did this to spare him because I love him so! He was surrounded by family and chowed on bologna and cheese on his way to the rainbow bridge. I love you beyond words, I hope you know that Stacks Tudisco 💖💖💖 August 24, 2009 to April 23, 2019 may you rest in peace till we meet again. I love you puppy! Always and forever!!!! Love, Mom 4/23/19


Our little Shadow suffered from cancer. She was 13 years old when she went to pet heaven. She trudged on for four weeks after her diagnosis. One day, she stopped eating and we knew it was time. We called Sara and Dr. McIntyre, and they squeezed us into their schedule at the last minute. They knew that prolonging Shadow’s suffering was not the right thing to do. They even went so far as tailoring their schedule to ours so that everyone in the family would be around when we say our goodbyes. The Welcome Waggin’ gave Shadow the beautiful and dignified service she deserved. I held her close to my heart as she passed. Because of Sara and Dr. McIntyre, Shadow went to heaven peacefully, surrounded by her family, and feeling my heartbeat for her. She is there in heaven, playing non-stop with her baby brother, Hunter . . . . . . Mayla


We are blessed that Gretel was with our family for 18 years. She will always be missed. Words cannot express our appreciation for your sensitivity and kind words. . . . . . Tom, Catherine & John


First I wanted to say thank you. You made saying good-bye to Blake a bit easier. I am thankful that I found you and Sue. You both made this process a little easier and more bearable. I want everyone to remember him not in our time of sadness but rather in how we truly lived our lives. Thank you again, I can not put into words how much I appreciated your time and compassion. I know Blake appreciated it. . . . . . Kim


I wanted to let you guys know that it really meant a lot to us to get the card in the mail from you. It really showed you truly cared. It’s taken a while to get to the point to be able to talk about Bear – but when I have to do this again with another dog, I will surely use your services. As horrible of a thing it is to go through – you both certainly made it much more bearable. Thanks again. . . . . . . . . . Bob and Karin


Thank you so much for coming into my home to give Tansa a proper farewell. I will be forever grateful for your kindness and compassion during this time of grief. I have attached a picture so you can see him how he really was and not in so much pain and poor health. This was taken approximately 2 years ago. Thank you again. . . . . . Janice


Thank you so much for coming into my home to give Tansa a proper farewell. I will be forever grateful for your kindness and compassion during this time of grief. I have attached a picture so you can see him how he really was and not in so much pain and poor health. This was taken approximately 2 years ago. Thank you again. . . . . . Janice


Thank you for making the hardest day of our life so beautiful and peaceful. I don’t know how you guys do it but I’m sure glad you do. You treated Jenta as if she was your own. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And I now Jenta thank’s you for taking such good care of her and us. . . . . . Fred & Deby


I just wanted to thank you for the sympathy card for Nick. I also wanted to thank you for showing Nick such care and compassion that day. I know he was not the most easy-going patient you ever had, but you still showed him all the gentleness and love in the world, and I really appreciate that. He was a cranky old man, but he was also my constant companion when I was at home. He kept one paw on me at all times–I really miss that. Thank you again for being so kind and gentle with him. . . . . . Sabina


Mike and I can’t thank both of you enough for your kindness and sensitivity in making Aramis’ transition as peaceful as possible. It was so difficult to lose him, but we are comforted by the fact that he had a great kitty life. Aramis got walked for about an hour every day (weather permitting) since he was a tiny kitten. It was actually more of a case of him walking me. He had a very happy life and his enormous eyes could get me to do just about whatever he wanted. His last day we sat out by the lake for two hours so he got to do what he liked even the last day. By the time you arrived, he was getting more uncomfortable, so I know that we made the right decision that day. We also appreciate the card and your kind words . . . . . Kristy & Mike


Yesterday, Ramsham and I scattered Lolipop’s ashes on his favorite flower patch in our garden. We got his ashes after a private cremation at the Hinsdale Pet Cemetery in Willowbrook, IL. He was cremated on 4/13/2012.
Ramsham and Vikrum had not had a chance to say goodbye to Lolipop, So we went to the cemetery on the 12th- we were so overcome with awe and respect for this culture that treats its animal friends with so much love and dignity. We feel such gratitude to the service that came and picked him up, sparing me much trouble, as I was all alone when Lolipop decided he ‘gotta go’. The vet, Dr. Lisa Mcintyre, and her assistant Sue were only doing their jobs, but the tenderness with which they picked up Lolipop, and the compassion they showed me was overwhelming – all the money we have in the bank could never, ever compensate them.

As you have probably guessed by now, Lolipop was our baby- he was more than just our dog, he was a true friend-he saw me through the lean years as well as through the happy ones. When we came back after a vacation in Florida, we picked him up at the kennel, he seemed so miserable we resolved never to leave him in one and we never did. We rearranged our annual visits to India around Vikrum’s schedule {we paid a king’s ransom, so Lolipop did not have to leave home, but that is another essay}

We are clueless as to where Lolipop might be at this very moment, but it is our hope that he is in an even happier place where he is free to roam, to sniff the grass, bask in the sunshine, and when he tires of that pursuit, he can just curl up in the sun and take a much-deserved nap!!

Goodbye Lolipop, we love you.


Our dear sweet Cali, it’s been a week now since you crossed over the rainbow bridge and we miss you so terribly much. We keep hearing your tiny tap dancing around the house and we keep looking for you. I dreamt about you last night and it felt so good to cuddle with you that I didn’t want to wake up. Thank you sweet Cali for loving us every single day of your life and letting us love you. We will never stop. I pray that heaven brings you all of the french fries your little tummy desires. I promise to take care of all of your duties, rest easy sweet baby. Until we meet again, We love you so much! Love, Mommy
October 1, 2007 – April 12, 2023

Binky Jr.

I’d love to share with you all a picture to post of my sweet boy. You helped us to love him longer and keep him going for years after being diagnosed with diabetes. He lived 16 long years and we will remember him forever. Thank you for all of your wonderful care and support to help us make the hardest decision this week to let him go. XOXO, Mary and Brooks.


Hi, Dr. Lisa,

It was one year ago today that you came to our house to help us say goodbye to our Timmy. Thanks again for listening to me, the time you spent with us, and everything you did to make a difficult day a bit easier.


Mary Beth and Joseph Turek, with Maggie and Jesse James

PS Below is the text I posted on Facebook today along with the attached picture of my sweet boy.

PPS Jesse James passed his Pet Partners exam last fall and is now a therapy dog like Timmy and Maggie! I think Tim is proud of him.

In one of the stars I shall be living
In one of them, I shall be laughing
And so it will be
as if all the stars were laughing when you look at the sky at night
And there is sweetness…
in the laughter of all the stars
And in the memories of those you love
(Antoine de Saint-Exupery, from The Little Prince)

In memory of our Timmy, who left us one year ago today, and is now living and laughing in the stars. We love you still, and we miss you every day.


We wanted to thank you again for the kindness you showed to Woody. The ability to allow him to leave us in his own home surrounded by those who loved him is appreciated. We are sorry you could not have known him in happier and healthier times. The attached photo is how we will always remember him. . . . . . . Tom & Linda


I was so lucky to have been referred to you when my old cat Daria was starting a final decline. No one could have been any kinder to my animal. You showed her all the dignity she deserved as if you really knew that she had been brave through her physical struggles and had always been my dear friend. It was comforting to see you wrap her up in the little blanket you had brought for her and cuddle her in your arms as you took her away. I am so glad I could trust you in our moment of need and am grateful more than these words can say . . . . . . Dannine


I can’t thank you enough for coming to the house to help Chappy at the end of her life in such a dignified way. Your kind words were helpful in that sad time. We had 6 great years with Chappy and I wanted to send a picture so that you could see her in her pre-cancer glory. We miss her a lot but know that the decision to euthanize was the right decision to make. Thanks again. . . . . . Chris


Thank you for your card and your sympathies. I also wanted to say thank you for all that the two of you did for Lucy. Without you, Lucy would have left me quite some time ago. I can’t imagine that running a mobile veterinary service is an easy task but I am thankful that you do. Your commitment to the animals you care for goes beyond anything I have ever experienced. You allowed Lucy her dignity and minimized her stress during the final months of her life. For me, it was an honor and a privilege that this beautiful creature allowed me to take part in her life and I am grateful to you for allowing me to care for her to the best of my abilities. While it is still difficult dealing with the tremendous void left by Lucy’s passing, I take solace in knowing that she is at peace and free of the ills her broken-down body was causing her. My Lucy was always an angel and now she finally has her wings. Thank you again for all you’ve done for both Lucy and me during the past few months and for your compassion during this difficult time. . . . . . Heather


I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for helping us out with Mako. As a month has now passed since we said goodbye to him, we are beginning to accept the fact that he is no longer here. The roller-coaster of emotions in the last month was a wild one, but one thing that we know for sure is that we made the decision that was in the best interest of our dog. What was probably the hardest thing that Claudia and I have ever had to do ended up being one of the most rewarding. There are occasional tears that are still shed, but we look back on his life with happiness and joy, not sorrow and regret. As our experience with you was very brief, it was a wonderful one. What was most important is that our little guy was at ease the entire time. His being at ease kept us at ease as well, and the way the whole situation went couldn’t have been more perfect. I’ve come to realize that the sadness will always be there – we lost what was truly our best friend – but we are learning how to live with it, with a little place in both of our hearts reserved just for him and his memory. Once again, thanks so much for your service, your support, and your compassion. . . . . . . . . Scott & Claudia


After living with Spike for 15+ years, I realized she was the longest relationship I ever had! She’s comforted me when I was ill or sad, made me laugh with her tricks, and just the sound of her purring could take me from a bad mood to a smiley one! All that in just 16 pounds of fur! So when it came time to let her go, well, it was a difficult decision. But, honest to God, Dr. McIntyre, you helped in such a caring, compassionate way that I truly feel Spike is better off now. I will never forget how you helped ease such a heartbreaking process . . . . . Kathie


Today we said goodbye to an amazing and remarkable dog who was part of our family for 14 years. She was diagnosed with IMHA (Severe Anemia) 3 weeks ago. Although she was responding to the antibiotics and steroid treatment, her age and arthritis got the best of her and she was no longer able to get up and move without falling and needed lots of assistance. We would like to thank Dr. Lisa McIntyre at The Welcome Waggin’ (At Home Vet Service) in Naperville, IL for her compassion and help in-home while we said goodbye to Pepper. She passed very peacefully and we are relieved she is no longer in pain or suffering. Pepper will be forever missed and will always be in our hearts……..Mike, Maralee, and Spencer Lacki.

In Memory of Sonny Bova

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