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So glad we found these folks! Have been a dog owner for many years and this is the best vet experience for me and my dog! They are fantastic.

I will never be able to sing the praises enough of The Welcome Waggin. They came out for the end of life care for my 19-year-old cat. They were professional but yet the most compassionate, grace-filled team I could have asked for. They provided such a calming presence all the while clearly explaining each step as we moved along. They treated my cat with dignity all the way through the process. Thank you Welcome Waggin for everything you do.

Losing our fifteen year old dog was one of the hardest things my family has gone through, but the Welcome Waggin’ team gave us the highest quality of care and support in a difficult situation. Our dog was very ill and it seemed like his spirit was already leaving him, but the second Dr. Lisa entered the room, he literally winked at her and let her scruffle his ears- something he wouldn’t let just anybody do. We knew immediately that he was picking up on Dr. Lisa’s positive, compassionate energy. It was a terrible day, but we are so glad we chose the Welcome Waggin’ because our dog was able to pass peacefully at home, pain-free, surrounded by his loved ones. It’s been six months since we lost our boy, but I know that we are so blessed to have had the positive experience that we did.

I love Dr. Lisa and her staff. The convenience of coming out to my home is so helpful and less stressful for my Bengals. She is so gentle with them and quick with the results of their tests. Kudos to her and her staff for such fine integrity and skills!
Cheryl D.

This Saturday we had to put our beautiful 12 year old dachshund to sleep after he experienced quick and unforeseen bladder and neurological issues. After many agonizing visits to the animal hospital and pain management, we had made the decision on Friday after speaking with our local vet and getting a second neurological evaluation and opinion to let our baby go. We called around and were directed to The Welcome Waggin. I spoke with Sarah who was very kind on the phone and she helped figured out a way to schedule a visit with Dr. McIntyre the next day. As my mom said, “Dr McIntyre was an angel sent”. She arrived at our home with warmth and compassion. Our dachshund was surrounded by our family, had an amazing meal of rotisserie chicken and peanut butter ice cream before we were ready to say our goodbye. Dr McIntyre was patient, knowledgeable, kind and really made the whole experience peaceful for our pup. This felt like the most humane way of letting our baby go, without the scrutinizing pain of going to the vet and causing him anxiety. I would recommend Dr. McIntyre and her team to anyone who knows that losing a pet is like losing a family member. Thank you Dr. McIntyre and Sarah for giving this gift to all families!

Awesome service. Simba (our cat) was a riot to get his shots. But Doc was able to corner him in our closet. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.

Thanks again


The doctor was great! She met my very skittish kitties where they were hiding behind furniture and was able to give them exams, shots, and even clip claws. Will definitely be using their services again.

This is the vet to call for your in home pet care. They are smart and caring and make so many owners’ and pets’ lives easier and less stressful. Their final gift to you and your pet is compassionate, peaceful euthanasia. It’s not easy for them, because no one loves animals more, but they provide this service in your home out of the goodness of their hearts. Lisa cared for our labs from spay to end of life with love and compassion and with Laurie and Sarah’s help along the way handled my paranoia about my dogs with patience and empathy. Many thanks.

My experience with this practice is limited to two visits that they recently made to my home, to care for, and ultimately euthanize, my beloved senior dog. They came highly recommended to me by two friends who also wanted their dogs to pass away in their own homes, without the anxiety that always accompanied a trip to the vet’s office. Dr. Laura Safford and her assistant Sarah were gentle, compassionate, and loving with my dog. I’m not sure that I could have made it through this process without their presence, and the assurance they gave me that I was saving my boy from additional discomfort and misery. Most of us imagine that our pets will quietly pass away at an advanced age, without anxiety or discomfort, and we aren’t prepared for the ups and downs and general uncertainty about how to best care for our friends. Dr. Safford and Sarah were truly a godsend and I can’t thank them enough. I would also recommend them for in-home care for pets who are not at the end of their lives. The standard of care and concern was such that I will certainly call them to care for my currently-healthy and youngish (and now lonely), cat. Many thanks to Dr. Safford and Sarah!

We recently had to make the painful decision to end our almost 11 yr old Golden Retriever, Murphy’s, suffering. Murphy was a big boy (125 pds.+) who had crippling arthritis and hip dysplasia where he could no longer get up on his own. We knew it would be stressful and traumatic for Murphy as well as us to take him to the vet for this life-ending procedure. That’s why we chose The Welcome Waggin. Sarah explained everything over the phone, what to expect, timing, cost and how to let our remaining dogs say goodbye, etc. She was extremely caring and empathetic. When Dr. Lauri and Sarah arrived, they put everyone at ease, were very respectful of our remaining time with Murphy and didn’t rush us. After this experience, we felt that we had done the most caring and humane thing for Murphy, being at home with his family, and we highly recommend Sarah, Dr. Lauri and The Welcome Waggin.