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We are excited to meet you and your two and four-legged family members and are truly grateful you have chosen The Welcome Waggin' as your pet's healthcare provider.  Because we are a strictly mobile service, our "appointments" are probably unlike any you've ever experienced!  We take as much time as needed to get to know you and your pets, your approach to health care, and share with you our knowledge in a collaborative manner. 

Each pet and family is unique, and we strive to treat them as such. Because we are on the road, you will be given an estimated arrival window that is typically an hour in length.  Expect the actual appointment to take anywhere from 30-60 minutes per pet.  We want to get to know you and your family inside and out and appreciate flexiblity in scheduling.  Emergencies occasionally arise or we experience travel delays, and we will do our best to let you know if our arrival window changes.  Likewise, we require 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment and reserve the right to charge a travel fee of $ 65 if this policy is overlooked.

To prepare for your upcoming appointment, please register as a new client through the New Pet Intake Form link.  Have any medical history available prior to the visit, or have your existing provider fax information to 630-445-5902.  It is helpful to withhold food for 12 hours before the appointment so we can shower them with treats and in case we need a fasted blood sample.  Dogs and cats should be tested annually for intestinal parasites, so please have a fresh fecal sample ready.  Should your pet need testing of urine, you can have a first morning sample "caught" and available in a small, refrigerated container; for cats please pick up the litter box 3 hours before our visit so we can retrieve a sample. Please include any medications or supplements your pet takes as well as any behavior concerns when sharing your pet's medical background.

It is extremely important that your pet is available for his/her exam!  The most social of animals have a way of "disappearing" just before their visit.  Please have cats secured in a bathroom or other area where they are comfortable but cannot hide.  Our examinations typically take place where you and your pet are most comfortable; usually we are sitting on a carpeted floor down at your pet's level and bring any supplies we need to complete a medical evaluation.

If laboratory tests are run, you will receive an email or follow-up phone call with the results, as soon as they are available.  We are also able to share results with your existing veterinarian and believe in a open line of communication.

 We are offering mobile ultrasound and echocardiography in conjunction with a team of imaging professionals.  Appointments can be made for services to be performed the same week, with results in 12-24 hours.  Your pet will need to be fasted for 12-24 hours prior to the visit, and in some cases, light sedation will need to be used.  In the case of abdominal ultrasound, your pet's abdomen will be clipped to facilitate the procedure.

In some circumstances, our doctors will refer you to a specialist who has advanced expertise in areas such as internal medicine or surgery.  We have an extensive network of other pet care professionals and will always do our best to provide the exceptional compassion and service your family deserves.

We send occasional emails that offer coupons or specials and important information regarding locally significant pet health topics (think canine influenza outbreaks at a boarding facility, pet food recalls, new news regarding the practice including holiday hours, featured pets, new services that are available...etc..  It is the best way we have to reach a large group of pet-owning families!  You will have the option to opt-out of these emails, but we hope you won't! 


⚠️ Please read and share! This is important information regarding our temporary appointment protocol:

In light of COVID-19, we at The Welcome Waggin’ want to share some protocols we have enacted effective immediately that may affect you. We have been getting a lot of new client calls because the chance of spread is less for a home visit versus a clinic visit. This may be true, but we can only ensure that we are around if we are sticklers for hygiene and social distancing. With more and more positive cases being reported in the counties we visit; more cases are surely coming. The more we can do now, the more we can slow down the spread and give our elderly and immunocompromised clients (and family members) the best shot at beating, or better yet avoiding, this virus. In our opinion, enacting these measures is our civic duty to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

Protocol changes:

1. If you or a family member are sick, even if it is just the sniffles, or if you are quarantined, please reschedule your appointment. So you may ask “What if my pet has an issue, what am I supposed to do?” Call us. We are looking into telemedicine (virtual) options for the right scenario and may be able to help virtually.

2. If one of our staff members is sick, she will not go into your house.

3. We will maintain a 6-foot distance between a client’s two-legged family members and ourselves. This is in the spirit of “social distancing” that is recommended by the CDC to curtail the spread of this virus. We realize this is awkward and we hate it, as we tend to be hugging-type people, especially in times of letting an animal go, but this is very important.

4. Dog appointments will take place either outside or in a garage if possible.

5. Cat appointments will likely need to take place inside because, well, cats. But it is important to have your cat isolated in an area that we can get to your cat(s) easily and quickly. No “cat wild goose chases” will occur.

6. We will ask that you throw away the trash we create during our appointment (except needles of course) to reduce the risk of contamination.

7. We may call you the morning of your appointment or at your appointment time to get a history and talk about your concerns, prior to our entry to your home. We may also elect to call you after we examine your animal to discuss the plan/treatment. Again, to minimize contact and exposure.

8. We will rely on you to accurately weigh your animal prior to the appointment, so we don’t have to bring in our scale. We will only be bringing in what we need – no bags, equipment, etc. that isn’t necessary.

9. To keep things brief, and minimize electronics going in/out of homes, we will expect payment at the time of the appointment via credit card. We will process the payment by manually entering your credit card numbers, not swiping your card and ask that you have it ready and accessible. We can also accept payments via Zelle and can offer you instructions if that is your preferred method of payment. No cash or checks will be accepted. We still expect payment at the time of service so please continue your great dedication to paying us on time (i.e. the same day).

10. Please have soap available if we need it along with disposable paper towels. 

11. We are a small business but provide an essential service.  Please help us to continue to do so by adhering to these protocols, paying on time, and referring to https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html for daily updates. 

Thank you for your patience during this time period.  Stay tuned as we will be changing our policy as guidance from our health department and government advises.

Drs. Lisa McIntyre, Tiffany Leach, Jeni Rogan Waeltz, and Sarah Salazar and Christy Millett

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