Rainbow Bridge Remembrance: 3 Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

August 28 is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day—as if you needed a special holiday to celebrate the memory of your beloved pet. However, the team at The Welcome Waggin’ feels this day helps commemorate the wonderful life you shared with your companion, and what better way than by creating a unique memorial? Here are three special ways to cherish your pet’s memory:

#1: Create a work of art from your pet’s ashes

If you chose private cremation for your pet’s aftercare, you can incorporate a small amount of their ashes into beautiful works of art. Your pet’s ashes can be mixed into a glass object to create many personal items, including glass pendants, necklaces, rings, keychains, paperweights, and more. Always keep your best friend close to you by incorporating their ashes into a wearable piece of art.

#2: Turn a favorite picture of your pet into a painting

What better way to memorialize your pet than to commission an artist to recreate your favorite picture into a painting, sculpture, or another unique art form? Depending on your wishes, you can find an artist to create an image of your pet that is life-like, or in a more abstract style. You can also print a collage of your most beloved pet photos on a large canvas, or transform your pet into a cuddly stuffed animal.

#3: Plant a memorial garden on your pet’s grave or favorite spot 

If you chose to bury your pet at home, you may already have a flower planted on the gravesite. Add more blooms, as well as features such as a birdbath or small bench, to your beloved companion’s resting place, so you can sit and enjoy the area where you feel closest to your pet. 

Are you concerned about your cherished companion’s quality of life? Call us to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can keep your best friend happy and comfortable until the end.