Camping Security Guidelines for Pet Owners

Is there anything more enjoyable than peering up at the starry night sky with your furry companion curled up next to you by the campfire? We do not believe so. Camping with your pet is a fun way to experience outdoor adventures together, but you must ensure your pet’s safety. Follow our team’s camping advice to ensure the safety of your companion.

#1: Prior to camping with your companion, conduct tent trial run.

If this is your pet’s first camping excursion, let them practice in the backyard. Set up your tent and allow your furry friend to sniff, lick, and roam around inside it to acclimate to its smell, texture, and sounds. Do not compel your pet to enter the tent; instead, reward them for being courageous and exploring independently.

#2: Make your pet noticeable.

No electricity means poor nighttime visibility, especially if your pet has dark fur. Use a reflective collar or harness at night, or buy an LED collar for them to wear, to make sure your furry friend is easy to find.

When trekking during the day, use vibrant colors to make your pet stand out. If your pet gets lost, a bright orange collar or vest can help you find them.

#3: Research pet first aid.

Your four-legged friend may fall down a slope, run across a thorn, or come across a nest of stinging insects when camping. If you’re in the middle of nowhere, you’ll need to know how to administer pet first aid to stabilize your pet’s health until you can go to the nearest emergency veterinary hospital for treatment.

#4: Make an appointment with a veterinarian.

Before you pitch a tent at your campsite, make sure your pet is prepared for a wilderness adventure. In addition to your pet’s core vaccines, vaccinations against leptospirosis (a disease carried through wildlife urine) and Lyme disease (a tick-borne sickness) may be advised. It is also vital to protect against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, so stock up on parasite prevention before venturing out.

Whether your pet requires immediate attention after becoming entangled in thorny brush or needs current immunizations and parasite prevention prior to your outdoor vacation, our team is here to help. Please contact us to make an appointment.