End of Life Services

At no point during our relationship with our pet can we anticipate the sadness, confusion, and desperation we feel when it comes time to let them pass.  The Welcome Waggin’ Team is here to support you and your family during this time of transition.  We are able to answer any questions you may have about their quality of life, palliative or hospice care options available, or expectations and anticipation of their death.

We feel that a collaborative approach to ensuring your pet’s comfort and preserving their dignity is best; working together, we can determine the best way to say goodbye.  Let us help you enjoy your final days together and making saying goodbye as peaceful as possible.

Together we can:

  • Determine what aids including pain and mobility support your pet may benefit from

  • What nutritional options are available for your pet

  • How to enrich your senior pet’s environment

  • Asses your pet’s quality of life and determine an in-home assessment plan

  • When it is time,  determine  the best surroundings and situation in which to say goodbye

  • Administer an anesthetic to your pet without IV catheter placement so your pet can ease into unconsciousness before a final dose of medication is painlessly given which will stop the heart

  • Arrange transportation and cremation for your pet, if you wish

  • Provide resources and guidance  to help you and other pet’s grieve

Have questions and concerns? We are always available to help guide you through this process and can provide a text number as well as emergency resources should you need them.

Since, 2007 many families have been able to find peace and acceptance during this time of profound grief and loss.  Please read our client testimonials and refer to our Resources page for more information. 

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